Jimmy and Ruthie Hughes became charter members of The Wesley Class when they organized it in 1952 for the young adult members of the Church.  Membership generally includes ages 50 to 80 although there are no age limits.  The class roster remains constant with approximately 40 to 45 enthusiastic members who attend regularly.  Jean Spence has taught the class for over 19 years and the lessons continue to be relevant to God’s Word and our desire to learn more about Him.


We elect officers who keep us organized (Mickey McGill and Ruthie Hughes) and who keep track of the finances of the Class (Dorothea Humble).  Class secretary (Dawn Frederick) takes care of correspondence (sends cards) for us.  Through faith in God’s plan for Henderson and for the Wesley Class, many ambitious financial and social welfare projects have defined our mission and our ministry. 


Wesley Class has stepped forward many times to fill identified needs of the Church.  Class Member Ray Lancaster designed and supervised construction of the pavilion and its furnishings.  Class members built and paid for the structure in 1980.  Water, lights and ceiling fans, along with plenty of picnic tables are all available.  The pavilion has been and still is used for many types of functions.   During 2009 and 2010, the Class raised and contributed $19,600 toward the retirement of Family Life Center debt.  We gratefully acknowledge the generous donation made by Fellowship Sunday School Class to help us meet our goal.


We have just completed a drive to purchase and install a new heat and air unit for our classroom.  Class members support the Church's Food Bank Ministry with participation, prayers, and offerings.  The Wesley Class has a reputation for serving up a bountiful array of delicacies on our Sunday to host Common Grounds Coffee Time.  Generally, the ladies cook the goodies and the gentlemen set up and clean up. 


Wesley Class members are busy working on Trustees; Administrative Council; Finance, Worship, SPR, and Family Life Committees; United Methodist Women and singing in the Celebration Choir.  Many of our members attend Wednesday Night Bible Study and Men’s Weekly Breakfast and Bible Study.  We are busy serving WOW meals, helping with Food Pantry, and serving as greeters for the traditional worship service. 


Fellowship is strong and all inclusive in the Wesley Class.  In addition to class time spent together each Sunday, close fellowship is strengthened through movie nights, game nights, potlucks, fish fries and an annual Christmas season weekend in Branson. 


In times of trouble or sickness, members serve each other in a selfless way out of a spirit of love.  Our desire is to serve the Father faithfully during these years when child-rearing and work responsibilities are no longer primary, leaving us additional time to work at Henderson United Methodist Church.


The doors to Wesley Sunday School Class are open to all who will come and meet with us.